Another Hillary Defector

From The Washington Post we have news of a defection in the Democratic Party Camp, "Jim Webb:  I could vote for Trump, but not Hillary".  And who can blame him?

Regards  —  Cliff

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Kamal Jain

Today would have been the birthday of our late and beloved Kamal Jain.  We wish you the very best in the afterlife.

Regards  —  All Of Us

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Over the Top

It appears that Mr Donald Trump has topped the needed 1327 delegates to win the Republican Nomination in Cleveland in mid-July.  He appears to have 1328 as of this morning.

Congratulations, Mr Trump.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Another Tuesday, Another Primary

Mr Trump is looking at a Primary in Oregon.  Expected to win and thus to move closer to the 1237 votes needed to win the nomination.

On the other side, there is Kentucky and Oregon, with both Ms Clinton and Senator Sanders hoping for success.  Here is the view from The LA Times.

Another interesting evening.

Regards  --  Cliff

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A Kind Word for Reince Priebus

This has been a long Primary Campaign, and hard fought, and still on-going.  I think we should give a word of praise to our National Committee Chairman, Mr Reince Priebus, from Kenosha, Wisconsin, who has managed to keep a cool head throughout the campaign and who has said we stick to the rules.

As a Republican, I think sticking to the rules is very important.

Regards  −  Cliff

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Indiana Speaks

It is likely that Mr Trump is heading for the Republican nomination, now that Senator Ted Cruz has suspended his campaign.

On the other hand, notwithstanding the presumption that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will get the Democratic Party nod, that race still goes on.  Quoting from an AP lede:

Bernie Sanders said Tuesday that his primary bid against Hillary Clinton was far from over, pointing to his victory in Indiana and strength in upcoming races as a sign of his durability in the presidential campaign.

Part of this problem is the Democratic Party safety buffer, the 700+ Super Delegates, to allow the Party Elders to block the nomination of anyone they see as undesirable, a likely loser.  This Super Delegate action is part of the nomination reforms instituted by the Democratic Party following the 1968 election, in which former Veep Richard Nixon beat serving Veep Hubert Humphrey.  It turned out that Vice President Humphrey received the nomination without entering a single primary race.  It looks like the Democrats need even more reform of their nomination process.

If you are interested in a deeper dive you should read Primary Politics:  Everything You Need to Know about How America Nominates Its Presidential Candidates.  The author, Ms Elaine C. Kamarck, is a Democrat Super Delegate.  The book does include references to Republican reforms as well as Democratic Party reforms.

WCAP Boss Sam Poulten notwithstanding, the Democratic Party process is less democratic than the Republican Party process.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Today is a Big Day

I think this evening will be pretty informative, as we watch the returns from the Indiana Primary, where Senator Cruz and Mr Trump are going at it.

And, the only polls I am trusting are the ones where the voters actually vote.

Regards  —  Cliff

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Caucus Outcome

Yes, for those who went, the Republican Caucus at the Groton-Dunstable High School was a very slow operation.  But, it was democracy in action.  Slow, but fair.  There were over 300 voters at the Caucus, including about 20 from Lowell.

The outcome seems to be that the Trump operation slate won.  Or, as The [Lowell] Sun puts it, "Trump backers sweep GOP 3rd District caucus".  So, Congratulations to Dean Cavaretta and Patricia Hackmer for being the Bound Trump delegates to the Convention and Jeanne Kangas for being the bound Cruz delegate.

Next up, for us, is the Convention.  But, for others there are still states to vote, including Indiana on Tuesday upcoming.

Regards  —  Cliff

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The Vital Caucus

You may have thought you had done your duty when you voted in the Primary, back in March.  I know I rested under that illusion.

The problem is, the race for the nomination is such that a key next step is picking the Delegates to the National Convention in Cleveland in July.

For the first round of voting it should be straight forward, based on how we voted back in March (for our District, two for Trump and one for Cruz).  There is the possibility of a faithless delegate, but that is unlikely.  The problem is the second round.  If you want the delegates to all vote for Mr Trump (or Mr Cruz) if it goes to a second round, you need to vote for the right Slate of delegates.

There will be several Slates presented to us.  There will be the official Trump Slate.  There will be a "Cruz on the Second Round" Slate.  And I know of at least one more, one that wants to make sure the "Establishment" doesn't monkey with "Rule 40B".

The choice is yours.  Join me at the Third Congressional District Republican Caucus (9 AM show for a 10 AM meeting).  The venue is Groton-Dunstable Regional High School, at 703 Chicopee Row, in Groton, MA 01450.

Don't be late.  They will probably "close the doors" at Ten O'Clock.

Regards  —  Cliff

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A Progressive Pub on Hillary

Not everyone on the other side like Ms Hillary Clinton as a Presidential Candidate.  For example, the very Progressive Nation of Change has an article out, "How Democrats Could Snatch Defeat Out of the Jaws Of Victory", which suggests that the Democratic Party Establishment out to think twice before it jumps "all in" for Ms Clinton.  The writer is Mr Michael Payne.

For those of you who think that Ms Hillary Clinton has a lock on the November Election, relax a little and look around.  Even Democrats know she has baggage.  Just not the Democrat Establishment.  Don't be shocked by that.

Regards  —  Cliff

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